started her career back in the heady days when the Soviet Union had their chance to blow a land war in Afghanistan and college radio stations across the nation introduced a generation to punk, post-punk, new wave, no wave, industrial, house, techno, electro, underground hip-hop, Brit pop, freak folk, second generation psych, speed metal, and just about any other type of music found outside the Whitney Houston/Def Leppard/Tiffany dominated airwaves. It started with a four hour overnight radio show on KCOU and hasn’t stopped since. Whether selecting cuts for her radio show Reverberation on WLUW, tag-team DJing with her Smashing Time partner Mary Nisi, soundtracking unforgettable events, or spinning at weddings for couples who want something different, she’s going to bring a love of music and skills to keep it going until they kick us all out.

DJ Carrie Weston aka Meow Mix aka Hey You Play The Good One